flexible module P1.25
line bar LCD display

LED Screen News & Info


Stage,TV studio,Event

Show gear,Tour event,Community event,TV room

Persuade,Index Display

Instore display,Meeting room,Shopping mall,Theatre,Stores


Square,Plaza ADs signage,LED Pylons,Stadium&Sports display

Home Theatre

Bring early technology closer to the People.Mega TV,Mini theatre

Customized Structure for Construction 


To make your bid solutions not accessible everywhere. 

With rich experience in producing mechanic part, we can accomplish different shape in short time and with low cost. These customized features make your solutions and products unique comparing with normal cabinets in every bid, to make you out of competitors.

10 years experience in production base in Guangdong,Liteto connects varieties of suppliers partners and make sourcing chain feasibility strong,to turn your creative ideas into a product,real and fine.

Customized your LED cabinet with Jobs of CNC,Laser cut, sheet metal, profile and plastic moud.

construction design for projects
LED board details

We believe--
Time asks for solid good quality.

Time will tell a good quality.

Warranty Starts from 36 months to 60 months