we go deeper than hardware

A hardware gear is always play as a tool for human being.We work more and step forward into the application, together with customers , we know how and deliver the final solution.

New Applications

720 degree LED display

Show room

With 360 degree technology improving, people are not satisfied with one way, narrow vision experience any more. Imerge , live  virtual reality experience can offer much better feeling.


Empower a live , instant, final kick for all comsumer products.Which was biggest ignoration during the pass. Dont be shame for the fianl persuade for them to shopping. 

Glass owner

LED screen is always trying to improve the less existence since it start to help index. Nowday it is possible that we had a fully no-exibistance while offering image with the build-in driver IC in the diode.

Content maker

Real background is always a perfect way to clip makers, film and commercial clips.  A LED screen offers so close to real affect for film shooting.It enables great thoughts of the director to happen inside the room. 

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