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LiBar LB6C

LiteBar Serial Shelf Display

*Height 70mm,Thickness 20mm
*Shelf display for stores
*Length 60cm, 90cm,120cm
*WIFI,4G,SD card,easy link and management
*Synchronous available for instant advertisement possible

Key features:

1.Thin and line for shelf,

2.Syn & Asyn  

3.Inter Ads. Instant interact and react with emergency case;right-now news advertisement


4.Muti-media, flexible and fulfill content for reach contents, for final kick for sales, comparing to static paper printed info, this gives great advantages for vivid media attraction,influencing prospects to buy!


Super market

Chain Store,


Immediate reaction with customer with city news, includint Sports, Games, entertaments.

Catch consumer’s eye ball for quick food , drinks.




Traditional advertisement process:

Plan,target, proposal, together with product design.Unflexible for quick react to marketing.


Advertisment company /Studio made ads , in poster.

There is few video ads inside a super market, chain store. which will make few inter-act with customer. Especially when there is news,like in sport game, entertaiment,etc.

Like following graphic show



To deliver the instant ads,widely, immediately and at the same time right into the people face with video producer team far far away in the studio room, it cuts the long time and distance between ideas and comsumer.

This enhance and enpower the feasibilty of tremendous posibility of advertisement.


Contact us for more details,    peter@liteto.com



1.What using enviroment is this model for?

*1.1 Rental for shops, supermarket, chainstore for special promotion period.

*1.2 Installation, permernant installation for shops


Same serial


LED type in several Pitch. P1.25,P1.56,P1.8,P2.



LCD type in several Length. All end up with 1920pixel.


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