Business Solutions:


-Content Makers


-Chain Stores

-Auto Windows


Certificate Solutions

–EMC Class B

–TUV certificates

–Needle flame test.

About Liteto


LITETO is found based on reliable product quality, latest technology applied, sincere customer service and mutual-benefit business. We have rich experience in LED industry since 2008, especially in rental and staging fields.


 LITETO gathers the elites of the LED field to build up the best team to provide professional solutions in event LED Display and staging application, which satisfies project-specific needs. Our products include LED display screen for rental purposes and installation.

With a sincere attitude and through years hard working, we have worked with a large number of customers from the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Russia, Canada and US, Brazil and South Africa, etc. We successfully help the customers carry out their projects.

Good service is always the key of LITETO,we believe in good products that should be sold with good service, which exists not only before sales but also after service. The small problem always happens as long as the human being dealing with equipment,  we just straightly face it and fix it! And do it quickly!

We believe in good products.We make every step in effort to help customers business outstanding in details:

State of the art technology, amazing designs, Eco-friendliness. 


We are selling via the internet instead of exhibiting. We would like to work with the world around friends cooperatively.

LED produces light, we make it into visual, together with you.




Credit Number:              9144030007982874X8


Go and verify at                   Shenzhen Government Business Registration Platform

Company Insights

*Global Engergy Saving

    We carefully plan, proceed, deliver a real engergy saving product. Long last, low                 maintenaince, is what we believe in LED product and LED business.


Think, act, deliver what we promised.

We work as a partner rather than supplier                                                                                    

                                                                    _ _Peter Long


Peter Long
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