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Easy Install LED Cabinets

Pixel pitch covers:

*P2.3 P2.6 P2.9 P3.9  indoor

*P2.6 P2.9 P3.9 P4.8  outdoor

*P2.6 floor display.

*More are on the way





Key Features

Future Proof


Down to P1.9 frontward compatible.
Cover viewing distance from 2meter – 20meter.
Last at least 3 to 5 generations of technology updating.
Light Stock



1.Stock frame and power unit
–by cheap sea shipping
–by 1 CBM for 50 PCS


2.Save the pre-investment
–by order modules after contract


Light Assembly


1.To install modules on site
2.To change the modules quick
1.Save the pre-investment
–by order modules after contract



EMC class A 

Stress Test report at 600Kg

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