line element application



  • Empower your promostion by instant adds, news, sales off. Make comsumer decide at the gate.
  • Before, only TV sales has a agressive tracing comsumer ‘s attention, “”Donot hesitate, just bring up your phone and call this hotline right in front of me””. This is called Final Push.In Chinese, 临门一脚。
  • Before, everybody is pushing ads all the way around,everything, everywhere. Airport, highway, TV, stations, radio, TV, internet.All the jobs done was to ask people buy me. But when people come to the supermarket, mall, into the shop. All voice shut down. Leaving a Might smile face infront of the humbling shoppers.
  • LiBar ads right in front of the users and pushing latest promostion right next to her shoulder!
  • Just image,  a no idea walking shopper walking around and keep searching what fun point the super market is offer today, right now. But, no luck, only noices around. What if, a funny video clip talk about the a man lazy laid in front of a nice TV, with bear in the right hand while feeding crips by the left hand. What a shock! I can be like him!